Conflict Resolution

For clients who are experiencing ongoing conflicts, we first deal with resolving anger and bitterness remaining from past offenses and conflict. We then focus on helping clients to develop new perspectives and techniques for resolving future issues in a constructive manner that does not damage relationships.


For Organizations:

For organizations this could apply to key employees that do not get along or work well together, departments that feud rather than cooperate, business to business relationships, or other arenas where adversarial relationships are hindering performance. Bill has had personal experience resolving such conflicts in his corporate career.

For Individuals:

We offer conflict resolution services to married couples, families, or others involved in conflicts where they live, work, or play.


Relational Wisdom Training

We offer training in Relational Wisdom (RW), which is an enhanced form of emotional intelligence training. RW training can improve a person’s ability to read emotions, exercise empathy and self-control, communicate clearly, influence and persuade others, resolve conflict, and build lasting relationships. The training is available in faith-based (Christian) and values-based (secular) formats so that people can study these concepts in the context of their personal worldviews. It is offered in three formats: live training, online training, and small group studies.

We work with organizations to develop and implement a comprehensive program, often using all three formats, to reduce conflict and develop a culture of positive interpersonal relationships. As an increasing number of employees learn and apply these relational skills, positive peer pressure will increase the momentum to transform the culture of the entire organization. We also work with small groups that want to improve their personal relational skills, which can enhance their family and work relationships as well as their career advancement.

Leadership & Relationship Coaching

With his experience as a corporate executive leading hundreds of employees and developing cultures of positive interpersonal relationships, and his extensive experience and training in conflict resolution, Bill is uniquely qualified to provide individual coaching to executives or others. He helps them develop new leadership skills and relational skills to improve the cooperation and performance of their organization and to enhance every relationship in their lives. The focus is not just on learning the skills but also on applying them to actual situations in their lives so that these newly acquired skills become the new normal for them in terms of dealing with the events and irritations of life.


As a registered Mediator since 1999, Bill offers mediation services for clients seeking to settle a lawsuit, or avoid a lawsuit, through mediation. He creates a non-adversarial environment in which to conduct their negotiations, which reduces the emotional stress, time, and expense required to arrive at an agreement both parties can live with.

For organizations, even though the focus is on reaching an agreement on substantive issues, there is still an incentive to avoid confrontation. No organization wants to have disgruntled former employees or customers in the marketplace. He can help minimize confrontation in the mediation process.

For individuals, this often includes negotiating a divorce agreement. Many couples engage attorneys to represent them in a court ordered mediation, while others desire an amicable divorce with a minimum of confrontation and expense; so, they want to negotiate an agreement before going to court. Bill can assist them in developing a divorce agreement, along with required supporting documentation. Divorce is a very emotional process to go through. By minimizing the conflict, he can help them and their children. Even though they are ending the marriage, they will still have to co-parent their children for years to come.