Offering Hope and Practical Solutions for Those in Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of life; however, the way we deal with conflict will determine whether the results will be constructive or destructive.  When the parties approach a conflict with attitudes and techniques that are positive and cooperative, the results can be better than either would have developed on their own.  If the attitudes are negative and adversarial, the results can be hurt, anger, bitterness, and escalation of the conflict rather than resolution.

Bill Freeman enjoys helping people experience freedom in their relationships, especially freedom from pain, rejection, and bitterness that often come from conflict. He is skilled at creating a non-adversarial environment and equipping and encouraging his clients to develop new perspectives and techniques to cooperatively resolve their conflicts. He offers hope and practical solutions for individuals or organizations dealing with conflict.

As a Certified Relational Wisdom Instructor, Bill also serves organizations who want to move upstream of conflict and develop a culture of positive interpersonal relationships, that intangible quality that makes good organizations great.  Training in Relational Wisdom (developed by Ken Sande, author of The Peacemaker and founder of RW360 in Billings, MT.) increases employee morale, teamwork, creativity, and productivity.  It can improve communication, reduce conflict, and enhance relationships at all levels of an organization.

We offer four types of service:  Conflict ResolutionRelational Wisdom Training, Leadership & Relationship Coaching, and Mediation.

What Our Clients Say

“From the bottom of my heart...thank you!  Your humble willingness to share your wisdom, ask hard questions, and give us challenges, has brought us to this amazing place as a couple.  We are forever indebted to you for sharing your time and for walking with us.  It is amazing to be on the same team with my sweet husband.  It is as if we have fallen in love all over again.  We are walking through this life together and whatever it throws our way locked arm and arm.  You are an amazing, godly man Mr. Freeman and I just wanted to say from *** and I....Thank you for serving.  We are two lives and one marriage that you have changed and inspired forever!!!”

Former Marriage Coaching Client

“Bill recently helped to mediate a lingering conflict that we had with a couple of staff members of our church.  He met with me as the Senior Pastor, with the specific individuals involved and then brought them together to work out their differences.  It was incredibly effective.  All parties involved felt heard and understood by Bill.  He also helped them to communicate their concerns in a constructive way and to better understand the other party’s concern and hurt.  He worked to foster confession, forgiveness and reconciliation by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  What had been a troubled relationship for many months, now has real hope for constructive partnership in the gospel.  I am very thankful for Bill’s obvious skill set in mediation and his heart for the Lord and for the Church of Christ.  He has blessed our church immensely.”

Senior Pastor of a church in Atlanta, GA

“Bill and I have worked together for over 10 years, supporting me as my business mentor. His insights and wisdom were most valuable during the first couple years after my startup. Besides his gentle demeanor, Bill Freeman is a wise, encouraging person who possesses life experience, business acumen, and the emotional intelligence to guide anyone through virtually any challenge. Our coaching sessions helped me discover perspectives and avenues of success I had not considered. Being action-oriented, Bill is a vital source of accountability and encouragement, following up on decisions and actions going forward. He helped keep me focused on the “main thing,” despite the distractions of the marketplace and life’s ups and downs. Besides being my business mentor, he is my friend.”

Tony Muschara, CPT, Principal Consultant at Muschara Error Management Consulting, LLC.

“On a few occasions, I have had the privilege of sitting alongside Bill, as we have mediated conflicts among church members.  What I love about Bill is his wisdom and gentleness that always brings a sense of calm to the room.   Conflicts are often messy and can certainly elicit a lot of emotion and Bill has that uncanny gift to disarm and get to the heart of the matter.  He’s a gifted man and I feel confident when I call on him for help.”

Reverend Bob Carter of Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA

“Bill Freeman did an excellent job in mediating our very difficult situation. His willingness to meet at our convenience at several different times and locations helped expedite the issue as well. I could not be more pleased with the outstanding expertise and generosity of spirit that we received from Bill.”

Chairman of the Board of a Christian School